Sébastien PaquetWhether he is documenting the lives of the world's biggest rock bands as they tour the globe or capturing the flavours of an avant-garde food festival on film, Sébastien Paquet thrives on stories.

Sébastien's own story is built on a foundation of rock, having started out as a music writer, in his native France, for some of Europe's biggest rock and metal magazines. The industry helped to unearth his natural flair for photography and he built a reputation behind the camera in live and studio settings, working with legendary bands and forging long-lasting relationships.

Those relationships would take Sebastien around the world as a rock photographer, videographer and filmmaker, with the likes of Grammy Award-winning metal band Korn choosing his eye for the spectacular and his instinct for spotting a great story and telling it with honesty and authenticity.

Countless tours, documentaries, music videos and interviews later, Sébastien now works across the arts sector, capturing the impact of a contemporary art exchanges from his home city of Los Angeles.

He continues to hone his unique documentary style while cultivating his passion for music, and his rapport with world-renowned artists helps him to tell stories that reach a global audience.